David's BRANCH, a.k.a. See-Make jmx BRANCH




A Kingdom District (AKD)




The central purpose and role of David's BRANCH is defined as:


“Design and established a PROGRAM for The Mountain of the LORD YHWH'S HaBitat." This includes developing Land Of Israel Subareas (LOIS), A Brand New City and adjacent Farm Land, A Kingdom District (AKD),a BELT around AKD, A Very High Mountain (AVHM), and Ezekiel's Temple Complex (ETC) IN THE LAST DAYS; and presenting this MULTI-PROJECT PROGRAM disseminated via Digital Audio/Video Interactive Display Servers, (DAVIDS) in Virtual Reality Computer Aided Drawing Design (VR-CADD) format which includes ATRABUITES, CONSTRAINTS and DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS in 10-D Visual Interactive Plans (VIP) .


David's BRANCH is planning in 5-6 year's time (2008 - 2014) to complete the design phase of AKD, AVHM, and ETC. This design will be in the form of a Virtual Reality 3-D Interactive Computer Program Presentation.


This design phase we call a DISCOVERY PROJECT; proposing, designing and implementing a Virtual Reality multi-media multi-dimensional land improvement and utilization DESIGN PLAN for a 100 square mile area around Jerusalem, Israel; the 25,000 cubit square area as described in Ezekiel's Vision, Chapters 40-48. 

See-Make jmx BRANCH proposes the volunteer employment, through the internet, of 100,000+ retired draftsmen, CEO's, webmasters, project managers, engineers, designers, farmers, and architects in the development of this land design plan. The visuals and designs these employees produce will be technically advanced and offer many clear advantages and improvements over competitors' designs.

See-Make jmx BRANCH continues to expand its abilities and presence in the land design planning market, making it possible to administer the execution of proposed designs after securing a PROGRAM CHARTER with Israel, and a majority of the nations supporting See-Make jmx BRANCH's design proposals for A Kingdom District (AKD), AVHM and ETC.


BRANCH Statement of Principles and Affirmations,


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