Project Title: P9 - Boundary Enveloping Level Terrain (BELT) around AKD

Design Description: Forty-Mile Long Hall Of Peace Embankment (FML-HOPE)

Short Title: FML-HOPE BELT, Top 3-Design

Status: Review for completeness and correctness

Design Object Descriptions: DOD-01-P9

Proposal by: David Carl Lewis, September 15, 2006.


Objective: Pro bono (for the public good) professional global spatial design proposal of FML-HOPE.


Competition entry, minimum requirements: Licensed and bonded professional capable of providing AEC administration necessary to complete your design proposal and project management capabilities required to execute your working design; and representing or possessing the necessary resources to provide the working plans, specifications and inevitable collaboration via the internet, if your design proposal is accepted. If you can not meet this requirement, for whatever reason, you may still be able to win the <FML-HOPE Design Award>, but the project management administration will be awarded to another competitor, or accomplished by team effort of several or all competitors. In any event, the <BRANCH Resources Committee> will oversee this process and make its recommendation to the <BRANCH GOVERNING OFFICE DIRECTOR> who will make and own the final decisions.


Name: As a result of the design competition, the chosen ‘design author(s)’ will be granted the right to name this Design Object. For example: (Designer or Design Team’s name) ESPLANADE. This is subject to approval of the <Design Acceptance Committee>. Insulting or egregious names will be rejected categorically. The Design Acceptance Committee’s decisions may be appealed to the <BRANCH GOVERNING OFFICE DIRECTOR>, whose decision will be final.


Design Submittals: The proposed date for submitting your pro bono Spatial Design Concepts (SDC) for FML-HOPE Design Award is on or before June 1, 2009. Your SDC must be submitted on CD or DVD in a 3-D computer graphics interactive model format capable of being accessed via the internet and easily incorporated into and within other related BRANCH CADD project proposals and related geospatial data.


What we are seeking in the Spatial Design Concepts (SDC): Primarily we are looking for a spatial design of a  complex and beautiful RETAINING WALL TOP (RWT) a.k.a. the AKD BELTWAY, see attached AKD - LOI exhibit.


Height of object: RWT is to be 3 stories tall; that includes: 1. the lower level, called the TRANSPORTATION FLOOR, retains the top layer of fill behind the retaining wall; 2. the roof of the lower level (a.k.a. GROUND FLOOR) is flush with THE PLAIN of AKD (a.k.a. the Meegrash {heb. ????? flat ground, grass landscaped surface, behind the retaining wall}), 3. the roof  over part of the ground floor comprises the third level called the ESPLANADE, [it includes LANDSCAPING, PATHS, ARBORS and SHELTERS].


Size of object: The transport floor and the ground floor are 250 cubits (q) wide (158.75 meters, 6250 inches), and the esplanade is 180 cubits (q) wide (114.3 meters, 4500 inches), with the inside edges (AKD side) of all levels aligned.


Special features: Egress from the esplanade level is to be via ramps and stairs from the outside edge of the esplanade onto the ground floor (roof of the transport floor)  and through to the transportation level. Lateral through passages, stairs, elevators, public and emergency facilities are spaced every 2500 cubits (q) (1587.5 meters, 62,500 inches). One example of the various components proposed is required.  Each should be presented as a block that can be erased, moved or copied and pasted as required. The sections should have an attach point on either inside (AKD side) end on the lower level, so that they can be duplicated and joined as required. The more attributes and alternatives attached, the better.


Slope: The outside surface of the ground floor and the esplanade will slope laterally 2% toward AKD with surface drainage collected and deposited in reservoirs behind the RETAINING WALL, inside AKD. In addition to this lateral slope we have a longitudinal sloop of  0.6% and 3.0%. You should develop 4-each 2500 cubit (see Special features above) long sections of RWT: one 3% slope (north side) and one 0.6% slope (west side) to the right and one 3% slope (south side) and one 0.6% slope (east side) to the left looking out from AKD.


Correspondence: Send inquiries to If a clarification is provided for one correspondent, then it will be made available to all other competing contacts registered with us.

Additional FML-HOPE Spatial Design Object Parameters:

FML pronounced, pamal|yah: Hebrew meaning: entourage, a group of special or famous persons accompanying a VIP on a mission. (Related English word, family). The meaning and significance of this Hebrew word relates to the BRANCH mission, prepare A PRESENT for a VIP, YHWH our Heavenly Father, and His son, Yahshua, the ONE who saves us. Hopefully, this will become more revenant and understandable as you progress through these design parameters and discover the purpose and mission for yourself.


HOPE = to want or expect something to happen or be true, especially something that seems possible or likely. (MS Encarta Dictionary.) Most people want and hope for peace on Planet Earth. Many are looking for ‘The Messiah’. Both of these are products of this process.  “If we build, they will come!” This is the famous phrase from the movie Field of Dreams. That defines FML-HOPE, containing AKD, a field of dreams, and if we build, they will come!


AKD = A Kingdom District, A PRESENT for YHWH. This design object, FML-HOPE, is A BELTWAY around AKD. It is a package or container, a bottle, of sorts, that contains AKD. FML-HOPE retains water runoff within AKD. It provides energy through control of water, wind and sun. It makes available vistas, promenades, and nostalgia. It houses people and businesses and makes available gardens and parks. Inside of this Forty-Mile Long parameter BELTWAY OBJECT is A Kingdom District (AKD).


Hall Of Peace Embankment, (HOPE) SPECIFICATIONS: a 40 mile long RETAINING WALL (10 miles on each side) completely surrounds AKD. The inside edge of RETAINING WALL is the outer boundary/wall of AKD which is 25,000 cubits (q) (15.875 Kilometers, 625,000 inches) square. Through a process of systematic development AKD is cut and filled forming a gently sloping PLAIN, with the highest elevation in the Southwest corner of AKD and the lowest elevation is on the East side as required by existing contours. The primary purpose of the wall is to hold a soil/rock embankment filled with water. A secondary purpose is to provide as many services as possible to visitors to the wall and the surrounding community. The ground level will be used for shops and galleries to permanently display ancient inscriptions and grave markers found while reshaping the site. This is an important feature, because, according to our client, no burial sites are to be allowed within AKD. (RE: Ezekiel 43:7-9)


ESPLANADE Egresses and Entrances: blend in with the design on the top of the wall, lead to transportation, accommodations, shops and restaurants within the wall structure.


ESPLANADE Railings and Arbors: The railings should provide vista visibility (the Mediterranean to the West and the Dead Sea to the East), safety, broken windbreak (open space between solid spaces, it would be helpful to have a wind/sound study incorporated in the attached SDC attributes), passive energy (if possible), etc. We want to incorporate ancient swords and spears into the handrail design. We are going to ask people to donate these, along with a history. We will place them with the pointed end down, possibility in some type of protective unit, all around the esplanade; and they will represent peace and turning swords into something useful.  Anything you might suggest you must have in mind a means for its accomplishment.


ESPLANADE Gardens paths and lawns: The designs should include means for roof gardening (such as hollow concrete columns or pillars, for vines, shade areas, etc.), and memorials, mausoleum etc could also be proposed as alternates.   

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