What is Ezekiel's Wheel within a wheel? We are convence that they are Runway-Independent Aircraft (RIA). So, what is a RIA?

Issue: RIA - Runway-Independent Aircraft



"Runway Independent Aircraft don't exist yet; they're still in the planning phase and aren't expected to be in widespread use for at least 20 years. Why so long? Economics dictate the production time, because private enterprise isn't willing to invest the time and money to develop a new product until it's certain to be a financial success. Aircraft companies want to be sure there will be a market for this new service before they invest in developing the product. NASA's research and development will be used by private enterprise to make this bold new step into the future of airport operations."






NASA claims,

"RIA will serve the same purpose as the smaller commuter aircraft. RIA will carry passenger loads of about 40 to 50 passengers, from smaller facilities to where they'll connect with commercial flights. Because RIA won't need runways to enter and exit the airports, that could increase current airport runway capacity by 40 percent. That's the equivalent to building a new runway at every airport, and operating it 75 percent of the time."





NASA continues,

"RIA will operate differently than traditional airplanes. In order to take off without a runway, they'll lift off vertically. Doesn't that sound like a helicopter? RIA will differ significantly from our current style of non-runway aircraft."





E.P. Industries has a program called Airborne Transport Module which we think address the issue and we will be comunicating with them and watching this and other developments closely.  For more information see:

E. P. Industries, Inc:

Airborne Transport Module





Approved:: DCL, 3/20/2008,

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