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David Lewis is recently retired from the building industry. With 50 years of building experience, Mr. Lewis has used his innovation and learning skills to wire and plumb the Boeing KC 135/707 aircraft, and create aircraft Production Illustrations for two of the Boeing Company’s aircraft, 727 and 747. Diversifying his skills still further he became a carpenter and constructed custom homes, churches and lodges in his community; and managed complex landscape projects such as building ball fields, tracks, parks and freeways for Landscape, Inc. and Precision Earthworks, Inc. In addition, his natural and instinctual abilities have led him to attempt and complete many innovative projects requiring various diverse skills such as those found in remodeling, small engine repair, boat building and repair, computer assembly, and auto engine rebuilding and car restoration (i.e. 1948 MG TD). After all this, Mr. Lewis still considers the future ripe for his exploration into the as-yet unknown world of innovation and discoveries.


Before the advent of the personal computer, Mr. Lewis spent his spare time in the library contemplating the future of flight, peace among all people, and praying for spell-check. When the computer blossomed he learned word processing, developed writing and CADD skills, and purchased a WEB site, DavidsBRANCH.com where he began to post his ideas.


Continuing to educate himself is one of Mr. Lewis’ goals. “Nourishing our spirit and encouraging struggling individuals and families” is another. “Outfitting and encouraging his son and his children in their business,” Seraphim Energy, is another. “Provide a Design And Value Information Deployment Service (DAVIDS) on energy and flight” is another. “Qualify leadership for developing new cities and technologies” is one more. His list of objectives ends with, “Teach the truth through various media; writings, drawings, art, videos, interviews and lectures.”


To contact David, please write: david@davidsbranch.com




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